Engineering Consultation

VICTOR provides engineering consultation service , including modeling, mold design and fabrication, container processing, filling, packaging, transportation and storage.There are three stages: Project feasibility consultant, project development consultant, developed project review.
Project feasibility consultant:
Being in marketing research and analysis, providing professional advices from the view of the professional technology of packaging container. Advising on bottle design, equipment selection and investment analysis. Providing bottle samples for customer’s market investigation.
Project development consultant:
Providing training and consultation on blowing machine, peripheral equipment, processing environment, the correct usage of mold.
Developed project review:
Blowing technology training, mold maintenance system.

Product Inspection

VICTOR has professional engineer team and rich experience of mold fabrication. It has accumulated a wealth of installation parameters and mold commission experience regarding multi brands of blow machine, injection machine, which provides excellent and accurate engineering surveying services.